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UAG also referred as Ultimate Arms Gear scopes are most essential part of rifles. No one can even imagine to experience a nice shooting session without a good-quality UAG scope. There are various brands and models of UAG scopes. In this article we will introduce top ten best UAG scopes for rifles and guns.

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Best Selling UAG Scopes

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Benefits of UAG Scopes

Exclusive Features

UAG scopes contain highly efficient features including objective lens, with rheostat controlled brightness.

Heavy Duty Structure

All these scopes contain aircraft-grade aluminium tube which is water and fog proof. The tube is also shock resistant.

Dual Color Illuminated Reticle

Red and Green, glass etched reticle is available without the illumination.

Mil-Dot Feature

This feature allows the user to have a brief idea about the targeted object and it’s size, makes it easier to aim.


If you are planning to do rifle shooting then you need a scope with a higher magnification. For that you can go for the 5-25X power range. If you are planning on target shooting or hunting then a lower power range would be enough.

Different types of scope reticles

There are different types of reticles for different types of targets. For example there is one for aiming at far distances and there is another for close range. You can check our list of best red dot sights in India.


Parallax is the difference between where your crosshair and the target appears on the scope reticle. So it is a scope reticle measurement. If your target is at a distance of 25 meters then parallax is 4.5m and you can place your crosshair right next to your target.

Red dot sights

A red dot sight will help you to focus your sight. It will make sure that your crosshair is right on your target.

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